Friday, August 23, 2013

Freedom Fighter Free Download For Windows

Freedom Fighter Free Download For Windows

Freedom fighter game derived concept of freedom in the mind of any country a person. The maker of the freedom fighter game submits one man in the game who is totally struggle to defend his country from invading attacks. In simple words, they should be a story of men who get life time freedom from other country. This is the spirit should be exist in the heart of any country man. There should be a fight for peace in every heart. There were story of the countries which fight for freedom and peace.

The game has a tower of any country which is included in the game. The whole theme of the freedom fighter game picks the fight between two kingdom's armies. They both fight for freedom these two kingdoms were New York and Soviet Union. The countries have devastating relationships between them. There were condition to fight lose the battle. The armies of the both had a risen to get freedom and justice. Their spirit should proclaim the victory which loses the hope.

The sceneries of the both countries are disturbing because the fight is going there. All the towers of the countries were destroyed due to the lose of peace and justice form there. The game haven a troop which were used in the incident times of the both countries. The days were continually passing there. Every news channel through the news of condition in every war day. The war was continued due to moderation. The both armies take few members, and they were represented by the arrow head or by exclamation marks.

They fight for their own try without the sake of life. This is the reason from which prosperity is given. The slavery grilling the nation of any country. Generally the snowy and water impacts are coming to see in some levels of the game. This depends upon the gamer what he can use snowy evening or dry. The army enters the tower first of all they check bathroom because many enemies get shelter there, then they check the rooms of the tower which were filled with house taken things. The transportation not commonly used in the game because they were face to face fighting against the enemies.

Some buildings or towers in the game take whole like track and every this like tracks have the stairs with them. Every day comes with new target hurdle do not take name to stop. At least the day was coming when one country got victory, justice, peace and freedom. To play the game every person would get, aptitude to the freedom from soul evil of any country. The conclusion drowns from this game is that always go in the path of truth. It you pick this you can do you which is impossible because this path make everything possible in the life of in person, nation or army.

System Requirements:

Processor: Intel (2.0 GHz)
Disk Space: 654 MB
VGA: 64 MB
RAM: 256 MB
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Freedom Fighter Free Download For Windows